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    Synda Seamless Pipe mill is the largest and advanced desiging,scientific reserach and manufacturing base i the northwest ofChina over 40 years experience in pipe inustry and has advanced manufacturing process,technology and equipment along with perfect testing facilities.
    Now Synda Mill has the ability to produce 1.2 millon tons seamless products and 200000 tons OCTG products with OD from 1/8 inch to 24 inch with the wall thickness 1.73mm to 60mm.The products have widely applied in energy industry,perochemical industry,machining and insfastructure construction etc with annual capacity 1.5 millon tons.
    Synda mill uses EMT,UT,MPI,ECI,Hydrostatic Tester to inspect the pipe body,pipe ends,coupling and make sure to supply the customer qualified pipes to all the world.
    By choosing Synda Seamless Pipe,you can be certain that you will buying high quality products at the cost price.Our pipes are produced a number of internationl standard,incling EN,DIN,TS,ASTM and API.
    Synda will supply the first class after-sale service for all our customers in oeder to leading to long-term and strong relationship and partnership.
    In case of any queries,kindly please contact our local agent or china office.we will do the best.Hope to seeing you at one of the many international exhibitions and please receive our best wishes.
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